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British Gas Customer ServicesBritish Gas Customer Services | 0843 479 9706

No matter what the time of year it is always useful to keep the number for British Gas customer services (0843 479 9706) to hand. British Gas is probably the best known of all the energy suppliers in the UK as it formerly had the monopoly on providing gas and electricity to UK customers, until around 1998 when the market was opened up to competitors.

As a result of this former monopoly, a huge number of people in the UK have gas and/or electricity that is supplied by British Gas and pretty much everyone will recognize the name. Whilst the official name for the company is ‘Centrica’ the trading name remains British Gas – if you have any questions about the Centrica connection you can call British Gas contact number (0843 479 9706).

British Gas is still the largest supplier of gas to customers in the UK and is also one of the biggest suppliers of electricity. The company counts its profits in billions and follows an ever increasing plan of expansion and growth that has seen it acquire a whole range of new gas producing fields over the years, as well as a share of other companies, such as EDF, which British Gas currently owns a small percentage of.

If you have any questions about the company’s structure, or which other businesses it has an interest you can call the number for British Gas customer services for more information.

Whether you are currently a British Gas customer, or you are looking to switch to the company from another supplier, the energy giant offers a wide range of services at some pretty competitive prices. There is the business or domestic gas and electricity supply, which competes very efficiently with other companies like Npower.

You can browse the company’s website to see what kinds of prices are offered, as well as the discounts that are available, or you can call British Gas customer services if you would prefer to speak to a human being who will be able to answer all your questions.

In addition to gas and electricity supply, British Gas supplies boilers to its customers and has a special team which is focused on helping customers pick the right boiler for their home and for their fuel consumption. British Gas engineers will install the selected boiler and there are also periodic boiler safety checks and one off boiler repair services on offer.

If you are not a customer of British Gas they will still come and service your boiler! Call the British Gas customer services number for more information on the various boilers, fitting and servicing packages.

As well as offering gas and electricity and a range of related products, British Gas also has a number of other sidelines. One of the most interesting of these is their security package, which protects home with a combination of motion sensor alarms and smart plugs and allows a homeowner to see what is happening in their home via the internet or their Smart Phone. For more information on any of the products British Gas offers, call British Gas customer services (0843 479 9706).

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