DVLA Phone Number | 0843 479 9719


DVLA Phone NumberDVLA Phone Number | 0843 479 9719

The Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency must be one of the biggest organisations in the country, contactable on DVLA Phone Number 0843 479 9719. Most people want to drive a car at some point in their life, which means continuous business. The desire to be a driver seems to have increased over the decades with more cars on the road. Those who do want to drive will call the DVLA Phone Number 0843 479 9719 at least once in their lifetime. Until you start browsing the DVLA website, you don’t realise the number of official forms that exist for all different types of drivers and vehicles. It is easy to go into an instant confusion when glancing at the list of forms – how one finds the correct one to fill in is an intelligence test.

A test that quite a few people fail! That is why it is good that there is a number that can be called 0843 479 9719 to clarify any questions. Those answering the DVLA Phone Number know all there is to know and can direct you to the correct form.

I have myself dealt with the DVLA on a number of occasions mainly by calling the DVLA Phone Number. Other than my original registration as a provisional driver and then finally passing my driving test after three attempts at the horrific experience, I have had to deal with the DVLA a number of times to get my official driving license replaced. You’d think a simple action of a replacement license would take no time at all, however it seems anything to do with an official agency such as this one drags on forever. I had to call the DVLA Phone Number 0843 479 9719 a number of times to get the process moving. Eventually I did manage to get my replacement papers, after more than six months of continuous nudges.

I find it hard to understand those adults that shy away from learning to drive. They seem happy to rely on bus and taxi transportation, which is never reliable. To me, learning to drive is a rite of passage that everyone should go through on becoming a legal adult. Gaining the provisional license is relatively straightforward and calling the DVLA Phone Number gets your license sent out within a very short period of time.

Theory tests are quite off-putting, so I can understand people’s reluctance to put themselves through the nightmare of testing. But even if you fail once or twice at the test, most people do pass after that. Calling 0843 479 9719 allows everyone the chance to find out what these tests involve. Luckily I passed my theory test first time round which meant I did not need to call the DVLA Phone Number!

Having the ability to drive and hop in a car anytime you wish, is a luxury that most people do not realise they are missing until they gain their driving license after discussing it with representatives answering the DVLA Phone Number.

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