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Hilton OlympiaHilton Olympia | 0843 479 9762

The Hilton hotel chain is known around the world for its 5 star accommodation and services. Within all the major cities around the globe you will be able to find a Hilton hotel. The Hilton hotels have certain things in common which include the extensive heights of the buildings. The London Hilton on Park Lane follows this tradition, being the tallest hotel in London. Hilton Olympia lives up to the impressive Hilton reputation, built in the esteemed Kensington area of London. To find out more I would recommend contacting an advisor. You may get through to someone on 0843 479 9762.

There are many reviews to be found online about Hilton Olympia but if you want reliable reviews I would recommend checking the trip advisor website for Hilton Olympia reviews. There are around 792 reviews and a high proportion give the hotel a grading of very good or above. There are always those who do not enjoy a hotel and some of the reviews on the hotel are negative. But on the whole, the feedback is positive. To speak to someone about bookings, you may get through on 0843 479 9762.

Hilton Olympia is situated conveniently on Kensington High Street, near to the Olympia Exhibition Centre. It is also only 40 minutes from Heathrow, making it accessible to travellers needing an overnight stay. To see more details about the location it would be wise to look at the Hilton Olympia map found on the hotel website. Or you can alternatively speak to someone on the phone. One possible number that may take you to an advisor is 0843 479 9762.

If you are driving to the Hilton Olympia you may be concerned about the availability of parking. If you want to park in the hotel you will need to pay £35 for 24 hours of parking, which is pretty costly. Those interested in using the Hilton Olympia parking facilities should call and speak to a representative to find out specifics. One possible number to try is 0843 479 9762.

For customers that are fitness fanatics or who simply enjoy some simple exercise there is a fitness centre in the Hilton Olympia available to all its visitors. There is also the option of running in the nearby Kensington Gardens for those looking for some fresh air. I would probably get to know the area before doing any particularly long runs! To find out more you can try calling 0843 479 9762.

Food is always an important issue when choosing a hotel to stay in and the Hilton Olympia does not disappoint in terms of the selection of meals available. There is a top-class restaurant within the hotel or visitors can choose to use room service. There are also nearby London restaurants which can satisfy any needs. If you have particular dietary requests or are concerned about your dietary needs it is always a good idea to call the hotel and speak to an advisor. One possible number to try is 0843 479 9762.

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