Northumbria University | 0843 479 9742


Northumbria University | 0843 479 9742

The challenge of choosing the correct university is one that is faced by thousands every year. Does one pick a university based on location? Or should you pick a university based on facilities? Students have different viewpoints on what is important when it comes to a potential university. Northumbria University may not have the same kind of reputation as Oxford University but it provides an excellent learning facility for those living up North. One number to possibly contact them on is 0843 479 9742.

If you are looking for sunshine then it’s not a good idea to pick a university in the North. But some people do not care about the weather and enjoy the sights that the North of England has to offer. Those choosing to attend Northumbria University will have easy access to Newcastle and the surrounding areas. This is a good location for those who like being within densely populated areas. If you are looking for quiet times then this would not be the university for you. To find out more about the university, one possible number to try is 0843 479 9742.

The Northumbria University address is easy to find when looking through the university’s website. You start to realise how far up North you are when you look through a map to plan a route to the university. Northumbria University is relatively simple to find once you are in the surrounding area as there are many signs directing you to the campus. If you do get lost, you can always try contacting someone on 0843 479 9742.

To convince students to pick Northumbria University, there are numerous interviews available to listen to on the website in order to gain an insight into what it is like to go to the university. Those who are looking to study subjects such as Law or History would benefit from listening to these interviews as their experience would be relevant. If the interviews don’t answer all your questions you can always try speaking to someone on this possible number: 0843 479 9742.

Sport is a prominent feature at Northumbria University, seen in the new Sports facility that cost 30 million to build. With this amount of money invested in one particular area of the university, there must be a large number of students applying to study Sports as a subject at the university. To find out more about what is on offer you could try calling 0843 479 9742.

Students are always curious about the state of the living quarters in prospective universities and Northumbria University accommodation lives up to an impressive reputation. Students can always take a tour of the rooms available before choosing the university. Although the rooms might not be as big as some students might like, most will be happy with the rooms they are provided with. There is always the option of living in nearby rooms if the university accommodation is not acceptable. Some locals rent out their spare rooms to those attending Northumbria University.

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