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Novotel LondonNovotel London | 0843 479 9726

Some hotel chains are widely promoted and visible on television. The Novotel groups of hotels, such as Novotel London, are rarely heard about. Browsing their website, there seems to be a strong contemporary feel about the hotel. This is seen initially in the piece of modern art that is pictured in the centre of the home page. Trouble with modern art is that you can never be sure what the artist meant and visitors to the Novotel home page would most certainly spend some time examining the image. This is perhaps one of their marketing angles. Most people would want to see more about the hotel or call the contact numbers, one of which may be 0843 479 9726.

The Novotel London hotel is near two main stations – St Pancras and Kings Cross – which must attract a large amount of commuting customers. I would expect that their business has gone up with closures of train lines resulting in people unable to get home. Just goes to show that in any disaster someone tends to get something out of it. Although I would hate to be stuck in the middle of London, I would enjoy taking advantage of having to stay in a nice hotel for the night. Those who do travel regularly through one of these two stations might benefit from giving the hotel a call just to check availability on one of the contact numbers – one possibility is 0843 479 9726.

Offering 312 rooms, the Novotel London hotel is massive compared to some of the boutique hotels that are dotted around London. Those looking for anonymity might tend to choose a larger-sized hotel such as this one.

Similar to other luxury chains, Novotel offer spa resorts for those looking to relax somewhere quiet. The spa option in France looks very serene, located on a beach next to azure-blue waters. Spa choices would not suit everyone and I can’t imagine the typical businessman, normally frequenting the Novotel London hotel, choosing to while the hours away in the sun. But those who do want to discuss the possibility of a spa break should try calling Novotel. One number that may take you through to a consultant is 0843 479 9726.

Novotel have hotels all over Europe, situated in most of the popular tourist locations. They offer the same weekend breaks that other hotels do, but their locations seem a lot better than some of the other chains. Even though I personally would pick a foreign Novotel hotel to visit, there must be hundreds who choose to explore London and pick out Novotel London as a hotel that has experience with European customers. They have international contact numbers and one of the possible ways of calling them is through 0843 479 9726.

Not only do Novotel offer hotels in European cities, they also provide international locations to visit such as Toronto and Beijing. Some of these look particularly attractive to someone looking to travel the world, further away than Novotel London.

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