Premier Inn Brighton | 0843 850 2423


Premier Inn Brighton | 0843 850 2423

Anyone visiting the South Coast will at some point visit trendy Brighton. With a royal history, Brighton offers any tourist an interesting experience. If you do plan on visiting Brighton then Premier Inn Brighton is a good choice. This hotel is in the centre of Brighton and only five minutes away from the shops. The hotel boasts a massive building with plenty of rooms to suit any visitor. Businesses in Brighton are packed tightly together with obvious lack of building space, so the size of the Premier Inn Brighton hotel building is impressive. To find out about the hotel you can call different numbers, one of which might be 0843 850 2423.

One of the main attractions of Brighton is the shopping section, labelled “The Lanes”. There are two sections of this shopping district, one called the “North Lanes” and the other the “South Lanes”. Within these winding streets, paved with cobblestones, there is a magical atmosphere – akin to Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. Most of the shops in the Lanes are boutique shops, offering unique and one-off merchandise. The jewellery displays are impressive and any visitor walking the streets will be tempted to go inside at least one shop. Staying at the Premier Inn Brighton gives you easy access to these shopping delights. You can possibly speak to an advisor on 0843 850 2423.

The other obvious attraction of Brighton is its pier and beach. Although not known for warm waters, people can still visit the beach and dip their toes in the sea. The pebbles on the beach do not make walking easy, so I’d recommend wearing good shoes. The pier itself is over a hundred years old and has gone through a number of refits. The essence of the pier is still the same as when it was opened in 1899. If you do stay in a nearby hotel, such as Premier Inn Brighton, you will be able to visit the pier and its attractions. If you are wondering about walking distance from the hotel, you can always call an advisor on this possible number: 0843 850 2423.

The Royal Pavilion is an impressive sight when driving into Brighton city centre. With its towering domes and decorative patterns, the Royal Pavilion transfixes its visitors. Walking around the inside of the pavilion makes you aware of the impressive size of the building. With gold splashes everywhere, it makes you think that the inside is coated with priceless metal. Anyone visiting Premier Inn Brighton should definitely make sure they visit the Royal Pavilion. Advice on visiting the different attractions can be gotten from the hotel’s advisors on this possible number: 0843 850 2423.

Brighton is known as a melting pot of modern cultures and diversity and anyone living in the city will be used to meeting extreme members of society – bizarre clothes and bright colours are no surprise to those living in the city. If you do choose Premier Inn Brighton you will experience some of these interesting personalities.

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