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Premier Inn Newcastle | 0843 479 9734

Newcastle has numerous links to famous faces. The well-known personalities work in different industries and include names such as Rowan Atkinson, Alan Shearer and my personal favourite, Cheryl Cole. There seems no limit to the talent that comes out of Newcastle, evident from the amount of people auditioning for X Factor from Newcastle. There is a visible difference between the level of talent in Newcastle and other cities making you think there must be something in the water. Those looking to visit this unusual city have many hotels to pick from. One good option is Premier Inn Newcastle. Although we can’t promise you will meet a celebrity, you should call the hotel’s number to find out which interesting activities are available – one possible number to reach them on is 0843 479 9734.

Anyone visiting Newcastle, whether staying in Premier Inn Newcastle or another hotel, should take the time to view the multiple bridges that link the areas together. They each have a unique design and are spectacular when viewed at night. Tourists exploring Newcastle should rely on public transport as travelling by car can create difficulties. With a massive population, traffic congestion is always an issue. People staying at Premier Inn Newcastle will find themselves near to most of the main attractions. To find out more, the number 0843 479 9734 may connect you to an advisor.

Those who have sport interests will find plenty of activities to keep entertained. The Gateshead International Stadium hosts different athletic events including rugby and even opens its doors to huge pop concerts from time to time. For those who like skiing there is a dry ski slope where everyone can try out their balancing skills – without having to experience arctic weather. Staying at the Premier Inn Newcastle hotel gives you the opportunity to visit these different activities. To find out about transport from the hotel, the following number may connect you to someone who can help: 0843 479 9734.

Newcastle is the location of different festivals that attract people from surrounding areas. One of these festivals centres on the joy of eating, appropriately called “EAT”. This particular festival celebrates the food produced locally and is a time for all to come together and try different types of food. Another annual festival which occurs nearby is the international airshow which offers impressive flying displays. Those looking to visit Newcastle should check dates for these festivals before booking with Premier Inn Newcastle. The hotel can give advice on the best times to visit – one possible contact number is 0843 479 9734.

Premier Inn Newcastle offers the usual facilities that you would expect from a central city hotel. With comfortable beds and well-equipped rooms, any visitors can depend on a good night’s sleep. Those looking to eat in the hotel will be able to enjoy a cozy restaurant – offering a wide range of meal options. To talk about specific diet requirements it is best to contact a representative, one possible number is 0843 479 9734.

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