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Travelodge LondonTravelodge London | 0843 479 9725

Millions of people visit London each year to experience the wonders that the city offers. With the London Olympics almost upon us, the numbers are increasing by the day. Hard to imagine where all the additional thousands of people will go who have bought tickets for the different Olympics events. Housing is an issue that does not seem to have been dealt with fully. Although there are numerous hotels in London such as Travelodge London they already have their regular bookings. Those interested in finding out about availability might be able to get through on 0843 479 9725.

Some people are moving out of London during the Olympics season and renting their houses for ridiculous amounts. If I had a house that I could do this with then I definitely would be following their example. The majority of the international visitors will most likely be staying in one of the numerous hotels. Travelodge London is a good option as the prices are not too expensive. Those interested in finding out more about the hotel might get through to an advisor on this number: 0843 479 9725.

On a recent trip into London, taking a group of school children on a tourist adventure, I passed the Travelodge London as we were walking around the Covent Garden area of London. Although it was a quiet time of day, there were many people coming in and out of the hotel which seemed to show that the hotel is a popular choice. Those deciding to build a hotel in the midst of one of the most visited parts of London must have seen the potential in this location. With the theatres nearby, the numbers for the hotel must be called regularly with people enquiring about room availability. One of the numbers that people might be able to contact them through is 0843 479 9725.

The image of Travelodge London and other Travelodge hotels is that they are places where you can get a good night’s sleep. Despite the fact that Travelodge London is in the midst of the congestion zone and near to main roads, the hotel’s design enables its customers to sleep well, without outside distractions. People can find out more about this through different numbers – one possibility is 0843 479 9725.

Although some people might go for the prestige that other hotels bring, such as the Hilton chain, staying in the Travelodge London would give you just as nice a place to stay in as most of the other hotels in London. Perhaps less frequented by celebrities, I am sure they do see the occasional famous face. The number 0843 479 9725 might get you through to someone that could answer your questions about the facilities that the hotel provides.

Looking at the buildings that house Travelodge London you would be excused in thinking that they are not particularly attractive. But you should not depend on first impressions as when you go inside and look around, your opinion of the hotel changes.

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