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University of BathUniversity of Bath | 0843 479 9748

Some universities have a reputation based on superb location and excellent academics. The University of Bath is one such university. Although it might not compare withOxfordUniversity, it offers a wide variety of courses in a historic countryside location. Those looking to find out more about the university might try calling 0843 479 9748.

Recently the University of Bath was awarded the title of University of the Year by The Sunday Times newspaper. This type of label in a national newspaper is an important promotional tool for the university. Those who read about this award will want to know more about the opportunities offered by the university. You can see more about the award on their website, or try calling an advisor. One possible number is 0843 479 9748.

If you decide to visit the university, it is always wise to have a University of Bath map on hand in case you get lost in the meandering countryside. You might also be tempted to visit nearby sights, such as Stonehenge, while you are in the area. If you contact the University of Bath you can find out what is in the local area. Advisors might be able to be contacted on 0843 479 9748. There are numerous attractions to see in and aroundBath, so it is worth finding out in advance what is available.

Students looking at the University of Bath as a possible choice when filling in their UCAS forms, will need to find out about the rooms that the university provides. It is an important feature that everyone is interested in when picking a university. The University of Bath Accommodation upholds a high standard and offers rooms all year round. If you want to spend some extra money you can always choose one of their 4* rooms to stay in. Even if you are not a student, the university still offers rooms to anyone looking for accommodation. Try calling 0843 479 9748 to find out more.

Although the University of Bath offers a wide-range of courses to suit everyone, they do have specialist areas of expertise, particularly in Sport and Science. Some of the designers of the recently opened Olympic Velodrome are graduates of the university, showing off their skills in the modern structure now available to be used by the Olympic athletes and other sports enthusiasts. The university has other distinguished alumni and prides itself on setting students up for life in whichever field they choose to work in. To find out more you can try calling 0843 479 9748.

If you are interested in visiting the University of Bath you can find details of how to get there on the website. If you do happen to get lost, you can always call one of the contact numbers for help. One possible number to try is 0843 479 9748. The University of Bath address is clearly stated on promotional materials about the university. Google maps are also helpful when it comes to finding the best route to take.

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